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Information is truly transformational. You can improve your relationships and your life at any given time with good information. That’s why we created LOVE Education, our new online source for personal growth, relationship improvement, and professional training. The Sex, Desire & Relationships Series is our first course available online. This new course┬áprovides practical, research-based information in user-friendly formats for addressing the most common sexual issues in relationships.

LOVE Education Online Training

Sexual desire and intimacy happen effortlessly in the beginning of a relationship, but most sexual difficulties arise when normal differences emerge. The good news is 88 percent of all sexual problems can be resolved with good information.

To be knowledgeable about desire, intimacy, and relationships, you have to be sexually savvy. Our new online training series called Sex, Desire & Relationships provides practical, research-based information and skills to help resolve the most common sexual issues in relationships.


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