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Is Your Relationship Being Torn Apart?

Are you struggling in a difficult relationship? Whether it’s criticism, addiction, affairs, sexual issues, porn use, financial problems, or simply growing apart, navigating the twists and turns of relationships is difficult and takes work. The key is knowing exactly what works. In You’re Tearing Us Apart: Twenty Ways We Wreck Our Relationships and Strategies to Repair Them, relationship experts Pat Love, Eva Berlander, and Kathleen McFadden reveal the 20 most common relationship pitfalls and spell out proven strategies to help you repair and move forward.


Do You Feel Empty, Lonely, or Unfulfilled?

Do you feel disconnected in a connected world? Even in this time of mass communications, smart phones, and social media, we remain accessible but not engaged. You still can’t snuggle up to an iPhone with much comfort or consolation. The more we rely on technology to stay connected, the lonelier we become.


Improve Your Relationship Without Talking About It

Men are right. The “relationship talk” does not help. Your marriage can fail without you or your partner doing anything wrong. Even with the best intentions, talking about your relationship won’t bring you together and eventually will drive you apart Love is not about better communication. It’s about connection. The male-female disconnect is the biggest single factor in the soaring divorce rate.


How to Make Love Last

Have you ever believed that you’ve fallen out of love or said, “I still love him/her but I’m not IN LOVE anymore?” Do you find yourself moving from relationship to relationship, looking for the right person who will keep your passion alive? When comfort sets in, do you find yourself questioning your choice or comparing your relationship to others?


When I’m Hot and You’re Not: Sexual Reconnection in Relationships

All long-term relationships have natural ebbs and flows in libido, but what happens when you go through long periods of time not wanting to have sex? The “I’m hot and you’re not” predicament plagues most couples at some point during their relationships. Some couples even mistakenly misread desire discrepancy as the end of the relationship.


The Fine Line of Parenting: Are You Helping or Hurting Your Kids?

Don’t be frightened by the title. This positive and hopeful book provides clear, healthy guidelines for promoting the best outcome for adults and children within the family structure. This book is relevant especially in today’s world of “snowplow parents.” Despite having best intentions, over-involved parents put undue pressure on kids while at the same time robbing them of the chance to learn for themselves and develop the skills needed for maturity.


Keys to a Loving Relationship

How to Connect

Why Relationships Fail