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Are You Sexually Incompatible or Sexually Uninformed?

Sexual incompatibility is one of the most commonly cited reasons for relationship break-ups. The sad part is, many of these couples aren’t as sexually incompatible as they are sexually uniformed. Because we all appear to have the same sexual style in the highly erotic infatuation stage of a relationship, it’s easy to believe it [...]

What’s Your Sexual Style?

It’s easy to fall into a trap of believing that the desire for sex and intimacy always works the same for everyone. As a featured expert on Your Tango, Dr. Pat Love discusses why it’s so important to understand your own sexual style as well as your partner’s. The problem is we all have [...]

Are You Sexually Savvy?

Sexual desire and intimacy happen effortlessly in the beginning of a relationship, but most sexual difficulties arise when normal differences emerge. The good news is 88 percent of all sexual problems can be resolved with good information. To be knowledgeable about desire, intimacy, and relationships, you have to be sexually savvy. Our new online [...]


There’s no app for this: Babies need touch for survival. All that holding, snuggling, and patting is necessary for life itself. Not only infants need physical affection; adults need it too. Unlike babies we can survive without touching, but none of us truly can thrive without touching. You might be surprised by how many [...]

Not Picture Perfect

For many reasons we’ve decided to use our own photos on our website, online courses, and throughout our work. Because we’re not professional photographers, you’ll notice without doubt our pictures aren’t perfect—but neither are we. Our lives aren’t perfect, our relationships aren’t perfect (like the baby marmots in the picture who seem to be [...]

Respecting Boundaries

Healthy relationships begin with safe and appropriate boundaries based on roles and established expectations. Like dividing lines on a two-way road, relationship boundaries help us build trust by defining limits and establishing norms that benefit all involved. We feel safe driving because dividing lines keep each driver on the right side of the road, [...]