Sexual incompatibility is one of the most commonly cited reasons for relationship break-ups. The sad part is, many of these couples aren’t as sexually incompatible as they are sexually uniformed. Because we all appear to have the same sexual style in the highly erotic infatuation stage of a relationship, it’s easy to believe it will always be this way. Not so.

When it comes to sex, what you don’t know about sex can hurt you. Don’t let a good relationship get away! Improve your sexual savvy with our new Sex, Desire & Relationship Series .

Most everyone wants sex, but wanting sex and desiring sex are two different things. About half the population walks around with bodies ready for sex and have ongoing sexual desire that intensifies over time. The other half of the population wants sex, but sexual desire comes by way of feeling calm and connected with their partners. For these individuals, sexual desire grows to a heightened state only through intimacy. This means half of all partners have to feel connected to have sex; the other 50 percent have to have sex to feel connected!

Unmet sexual needs create a significant problem for individuals as well as couples in relationships. To be knowledgeable about desire, intimacy, and relationships, you have to be informed with current information. Packed with 40 years of research and clinical experience, our new six-hour Sex, Desire & Relationships Series offers adult sex education for the 21st century.

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