Dating, mating, hooking up, staying single, monogamy, marriage, cohabitation, and co-operation look very different now than one short generation ago. Changes in technology, gender roles, sexual diversity, financial support, and other socio-economic factors have altered our expectations and redefined what makes us happy.

The relationship expectations and mores that made total sense to the Boomers now baffle many Millennials—not to mention Gen-Z’s. Most relationships suffer from one or both partners not having the right information and skills necessary for creating and maintaining healthy, happy, meaningful relationships. Relationships have changed, but have you changed with them?

The single greatest predictor of happiness and success in life is a healthy love relationship. Yet more couples than ever before find it difficult to remain close and connected in a stressful world of busy schedules, unending demands, and high expectations.

With greater expectations and relationship stressors, couples have more difficulty keeping healthy love alive. Whether you’re struggling with your current relationship, wanting a more passionate sex life, or perhaps looking for a perfect mate, Pat Love & Associates offers individuals and couples a variety of self-help resources for identifying issues and breaking down barriers that block you from having happy, healthy relationships and a meaningful life.