The magic of true intimacy is the reward for having the courage to accept and love your partner as a separate person. Acknowledging the otherness of the other is a prerequisite for connection. Anything short of this will not bring the joy we all long for.

So how do you begin to enter your partner’s world when that world is different than yours? You start by crossing the bridge of separation. The mirror neuron system in your brain makes crossing the bridge possible by enabling you to follow and understand each other’s movements, behaviors, and emotions. You cross the bridge from your world into your partner’s world by acknowledging that both worlds exist. You visit one another’s reality without denying your own.

Learning to cross the bridge means you are able to manage your emotions, hold on to your core values, experience your partner’s world with compassion, and put a heart around your differences.

~Excerpt from You’re Tearing Us ApartĀ by Pat Love, Eva Berlander, and Kathleen McFadden