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How To Build Self-Esteem In Children (Without Making Them Feel Entitled)

It’s all about striking a balance.

As a parent, you may be constantly worrying if you’re doing a good enough job of raising your children. Are you teaching them to be kind and courteous? Are you giving them morals and values that will help them as adults?

Are you making sure that they’re getting the love and attention they need, in whatever aspect that might be? And are you teaching them to have a healthy amount of love for themselves and some self-esteem […]

The BIG Mistakes Women Make (That Cause Good Men To Fall Out Of Love)

But it’s not too late! There’s a common mistake a lot of women are making — maybe even most women — that drives men away. If I call my female friend and say, “I’m having a terrible day,” she’ll respond with a gasp and say something like, “I’m so sorry; what’s going on? Do you want to get together?”

Woman-to-woman, a complaint translates into an invitation for support. Sharing a grievance is a female call for contact; a bid for the other person to tune in, move closer. Complaining is also a compliment; it says I value you; I trust you; I’m bringing you into my […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex – Trigger Warning!

“Let’s Talk About Sex,” a documentary created by James Houston in collaboration with Advocates for Youth, reveals how we manage sex education in the United States and how our attitudes about sexuality impact today’s [...]

Are You Sexually Incompatible or Sexually Uninformed?

Sexual incompatibility is one of the most commonly cited reasons for relationship break-ups. The sad part is, many of these couples aren’t as sexually incompatible as they are sexually uniformed. Because we all appear [...]

What’s Your Sexual Style?

It’s easy to fall into a trap of believing that the desire for sex and intimacy always works the same for everyone. As a featured expert on Your Tango, Dr. Pat Love discusses why [...]


There’s no app for this: Babies need touch for survival. All that holding, snuggling, and patting is necessary for life itself. Not only infants need physical affection; adults need it too. Unlike babies we [...]

Not Picture Perfect

For many reasons we’ve decided to use our own photos on our website, online courses, and throughout our work. Because we’re not professional photographers, you’ll notice without doubt our pictures aren’t perfect—but neither are [...]

Happiness An Inside Job

Is Marriage Obsolete?

Sexless Relationship?

When is tweeting cheating? When is texting sexting?

To safeguard your relationship, you need to know the risks and rules of cyberspace.

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