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Want More in Your Relationship?

You’ve tried to make things better. You really have. But the things you’ve tried to solve your problems are only temporary fixes at best, and often just make things WORSE.

  • Date nights haven’t worked.
  • Making requests hasn’t worked.
  • Ignoring the problem hasn’t worked.
  • Talking about things rationally hasn’t worked.
  • Sharing your feelings hasn’t worked.
  • Fighting about it hasn’t worked.

You solve one problem, and a new one crops up the next day.

So now you are not only frustrated about the original problem, you also have additional resentment and distance between you, because the effort you put into “fixing” things was futile.

You keep having the same conversations, arguments, or push/pull interactions without making any constructive changes.

But here’s the thing: There’s a very good reason why none of the things you’ve done up until now to solve your various problems and reconnect hasn’t worked or has even made things worse.

What you thought were your problems aren’t the real problem. The trick is learning HOW to identify what the system failure is, and getting the right tools to change it.

But the truth is, almost ALL the problems that couples face are due to just 5 main relationship flaws that are much easier to mend than you think!

And when you fix the flaw, you fix the operating system, and everything runs smoothly and elegantly again.

How can you find out what the underlying flaws are in your relationship?

That’s where my eBook, 5 Forces Destroying Your Relationship You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, comes in. Click here for more details. 

Pat Love Podcast for Couples

Are you ruining your relationship without even realizing it?

In a new podcast titled, The 5 Forces Destroying Your Relationship that You Probably Never Heard Of, Dr. Pat Love discusses several common factors we often take for granted that destroy relationships. Dr. Love speaks with such depth and wisdom about all the things that are required to have a secure, healthy relationship, such as emotional security, attachment, systems theory, the relational set up, being flexible, and spontaneity.

Led by licensed marriage and family therapist, Shane Birkel, The Couples Therapist Couch Podcast series provides education, support, and connection for Couples Therapists, Marriage Counselors, and Relationship Coaches.

For Couples

Wake Up in a New Marriage

With our brand new program called Wake Up in a New Marriage, you can learn how to master the skills it takes to overcome just about any problem and transform your love life unlike anything else you may have tried before.

The skills and tools you’ll get with this online program are positive and specific. They work whether you’re looking to keep your relationship happy, resilient, and break-up proof, or re-spark passion and devotion in a relationship that has grown apart, or prevent a separation by healing a relationship that’s been in crisis for a while.

We created Wake Up In a New Marriage specifically for couples who have grown apart, are together but living separate lives, or who think they’ve fallen out of love with each other.

No matter the state of your relationship, you’ll master the skills it takes to feel closer than you did even when you were first falling in love—in other words, make your ordinary relationship extraordinary.

Start your transformation today!




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